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Who Would Jesus Hit?

Most of us have seen the WWJD bracelets that were popular several years ago.  The guys I used to play hockey with when we lived in Montana got used to me saying, “WWJH,” who would Jesus hit?  I would say that to them because I wanted to convey to them the idea that if Jesus were on the ice he would hit people, and hit them hard and hit them cleanly, because it is part of the game.  I once heard a Christian football coach say, “If Jesus was on the field tonight he’d be the hardest hitter in the game.”  He was saying that to help his Christian high school football team understand that the best way they could be a witness to the opposing team was not to be wimpy but rather hitting hard and clean and then helping the opponent up.


There is a mindset that thinks, “Jesus wouldn’t hit anyone….” He certainly wouldn’t hit anyone out of anger or spite, but he would if he were playing hockey or football.  Here’s the big issue:  The scripture says to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Whatever activity we find ourselves doing we are to do so with all we have.  We shouldn’t hold back any effort in the ministries God has called us to.  I’ve been reading through Ecclesiastes these past few mornings and in Eccl. 9:10 the writer says, “Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.”  I know that the level of our might changes with age but having a mighty mindset should mark a believer of any age.  Preachers should preach hard, musicians should sing and play hard, athletes should compete hard, and every believer should exercise their gifts with a go-for-it mentality.  Jesus is our model.  Heb. 12:1,2 tell us that Jesus endured the cross and scorned it’s shame.  That means He went hard at what God had planned for Him.


Who would Jesus hit?  How am I living my life?  Am I coasting or going hard at it?  The Lord Jesus is worthy of my best efforts at whatever He asks for me to do.  One of the mottos of my life is, “Go hard and go home,” meaning that I want to live life with intensity and then go to be with the Lord.  I hope you share the same perspective.