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Hallmark Christmas Story

A couple of days ago I put a funny post on my Facebook page.  It is called the Hallmark Christmas Movie Generator.  The point of the post, made quite comically, was that all Hallmark movies follow very similar plots.  Names, ages, and appearances may change but the plots always fall into the same genre.

Why doesn’t the real Christmas story get old?  The plot and the characters never change.  We’ve heard it a million times.  We’ve seen it in movies, we’ve read it in the scriptures, we laughed our way through it at Sunday School Christmas pageants, and we’ve read it around the tree as a family.  Why doesn’t the real Christmas story get old?  The reason is the original Christmas story is the Hallmark Christmas story.

Do you know the definition of Hallmark?  It comes from England.  A Hallmark was a stamp or a mark placed on gold indicating its purity and that the gold was from the Goldsmith’s Company in London.  From there the word came to mean something that was genuine.  Finally it has come to mean any distinguishing feature or characteristic of something or someone.

The first Christmas is the real Hallmark Christmas story.  It is the commitment and marriage of Joseph and Mary in the midst of very hard circumstances.  It is the wonder of the outsiders, the shepherds, being visited by the angelic host.  It is the well to do, the wisemen, giving gifts to a struggling family.  It is under-dog-baby-born-king who troubles the puppet king.  It is the miraculous escape of the hero from the evil villain.  It is the power of God bringing forth the Messiah, the savior of the world.  This story is genuine, pure, the distinguishing proof of the love of God, “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…”

Whether or not you watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel isn’t my concern.  I do pray you would read the Hallmark Christmas story as given in the word of God, and fall in love………………with the Savior who came to redeem us.