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Glory to God in the Lowest

When the angel chorus broke out in praise at the birth of our Savior they sang, “Glory to God in The Highest.”  Their praise was rightly directed to God, who is on high, and to God who deserves the highest praise for the gift of His Son.

But Christmas is also glory to God in the lowest.  Have you ever thought about that?  The phrase isn’t new, many people have explored this idea in many ways.  Here is how I see Christmas as glory to God in the lowest:

Mary and Joseph:  There was nothing high and mighty about either of them.  An engaged couple from a poor town has a rushed wedding because the bride is at least 3 months pregnant.  Doesn’t sound very glorious.  Nazareth was a small town and people talk in a small town.  Angels told both Joseph and Mary that the baby was God in the flesh but that wasn’t the story that was believed by the town.  In John 8 Jesus is tagged as “being born of fornication.”  The family scandal didn’t go away with time.  Glory?  Yes.  Glory in the lowest.  These two young people obeyed God and were submissive to His will and through their actions God was glorified.

The Shepherds:  There was nothing high and mighty about any of them.  They were rough men, away from family, good with clubs and slingshots in order to protect their flocks.  God had His angels sing for a low-end audience.  However, these shepherds knew that God had made news known to them and they went to see the baby.  Their response to seeing the baby was to go and make known the message the angel had conveyed to them, “A Savior has been born.”  Glory?  Yes.  Glory in the lowest.  The first missionaries weren’t seminary trained scholars but shepherds who had experienced the work of God.  God was glorified in their message.

The Son of God in a manger:  There was nothing high and mighty about the location.  No comfortable couch, no linen sheets, no royal attendants and nurses, no plush towels nor bathwater nor perfumes…………. Just a young couple, animals, hay, and the Eternal God wrapped in human flesh.  Glory?  Yes.  Glory in the lowest.  The Son of God started His earthly mission to become our sacrifice for sin.  He didn’t come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Glory to God in the lowest.  God’s glory isn’t conditioned on the players in His sovereign plan nor any location.  God’s glory is demonstrated and made visible when His people respond to Him in obedience and faith and trust.

You may be at your very lowest point this Christmas.  Low with grief, low because you don’t have two nickels to rub together, low because you are battling a terminal illness, low because your faith has alienated you from family and friends and you’re lonely, low because_______________ (you fill in the blank).  May I encourage you this Christmas season to say, “God I will respond to you in faith and obedience.”  If you will, there will be glory to God in the lowest because He will glorify Himself in you and through you.  What greater gift could we give Him?