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For this EBlast, I will briefly present the last few parables from Matthew 13.  In the last EBlast we finished by looking at the parable in Matthew 13:25-30.  Remember, all of these parables were taught by Jesus so those with ears to hear (Spiritually listening) would understand that the Mystery Kingdom was soon to be born. This is the Church Age. This is Christendom.  The Mystery Kingdom is life on Earth, including believers and unbelievers, while the Church is on Earth.

 The next parable, in Matthew 13:31,32, explains that the Church will grow big (like worldwide…like having started in Jerusalem and making it to Colorado).  Within the Church there will be false teaching/doctrine and infiltrating evil.  That is represented by the birds nesting in our branches.  These birds are like the birds in the first parable which plucked the seed off the road to prevent people from believing in Christ.

 The next parable, in verse 33, speaks of a woman, leaven and three measures of meal.  When seen symbolically, a woman represents a false religious system. For example, Jezebel and the great harlot in Revelation 2 and 17.  Also, when seen symbolically, especially in the New Testament, leaven represents sin and especially false doctrine.  The three measures may represent the three major categories of Christendom: Protestantism, Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

Whereas these three are generally seen as part of Christendom, they all contain certain degrees of false doctrine.

 The next parable, in verse 44, refers to a treasure.  When seen symbolically, the treasure represents the nation Israel.  In other words, within Christendom, there will be Israel.

The pearl, from 45,46, is a bit more subtle to identify.  A pearl is not used symbolically in Scripture. But a pearl comes from the sea. The sea, when used symbolically, represent the Gentile world.  The point here is that within Christendom, there will be Gentiles.  In other words, Jews and Gentiles together in One Body of Christ. This was a mystery hidden from ages past, now revealed to the Apostles.

 The eighth parable, from verses 47-50, teaches us that a judgement will come on the Gentile world at the end of the Church Age, before the Messiah sets up His Messianic Kingdom. This parable ties into the judgement of the Sheep and the Goats of Matthew 25.


The last parable tells us that the Mystery Kingdom will have some similarities to other aspects of the Kingdom of God, but some aspects of it will be different. Those different aspects were hidden before now. That is why it is called a “Mystery”.

 There you have the nine parables which Jesus taught directly after the national rejection of Him as the Messiah.  Due to their rejection, instead of establishing the Messianic Kingdom, Jesus would be establishing the Mystery Kingdom.  In summary, here is what Jesus taught the crowd through the parables:

 There will be a sowing of the Gospel seed throughout the Church Age;

 The seed will spontaneously spring to life and grow of itself; 

 There will be false teaching sown amongst the Gospel seed;

 The Gospel will result in a huge and worldwide Church which will have an infiltration of evil;

 The church will have three main divisions and there will be problematic teachings within each main division;

 Israel will be part of the Church;

The Gentiles will be part of the Church;

There will be a judgement of the Gentile World at the end of the Church Age;

Parts of the Mystery Kingdom will be similar to other parts of God’s Kingdom rule and some parts will be new and different.

Remember, this was new teaching and Jesus was telling the crowd of the coming Mystery Kingdom/Church Age/Christendom on Earth.


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