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Come and Rest Here

I am constantly reminded by the topic of rest in the Bible. It seems so simple but is actually very hard to put into practice. When I come to be in the Lord’s presence, I always feel like I must be ‘doing.’ I must do these things so I can check them off and feel good about the rest of my day. Or I must highlight or take notes at least once on a page so it looks like I’m paying attention. The idea to simply inwardly rest, clearing my mind and simply coming to the Word to learn and sit at His feet, seems completely foreign and extremely hard. Don’t get so caught up in checking things off the list that you forget the real goal—seeking the Lord, learning about who He is, and becoming closer in relationship to Him. I always think of Mary and Martha. Martha was doing everything to show how important Jesus was, except for actually just sitting and being with Him, learning about Him, and soaking in His presence. Mary, on the other hand, sat at His feet and did just that. Martha was rebuked. Too often I find myself trying to hard to be like Martha. When you open His Word, remind yourself that you are here in this moment to be in His presence, to show Him your love and devotion, to learn about who He is, until all you can see, all you know, all you desire, is Him. In everyday life, this can look like simply not letting your worries overtake you. It’s hard to give up worrying all together, but that is the ultimate goal. God’s got it, He always has and always will, so let go of it. Does worrying help the outcome anyway? I am reminded constantly of a quote from the film Bridge of Spies when Tom Hanks's character asks the person he is defending something like, “Why aren’t you more worried?” To which the man responds, “Would it help?”  We aren’t helping the situation at all by worrying about it, we are instead affecting our hearts and even our relationship with God. By worrying, we are basically telling God we don’t believe He really has it, so I must do something about it. Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.” Stop running around your head worrying about things and letting your mind wander during prayer/Bible reading. Be still. Bask in who He is, and who He has called us to be. Know that He is God, and He has everything under control. One of my current favorite songs is called “Here” by Kari Jobe. The chorus tells us to simply breathe in and out, we will find Him here. How simple: just breathe. Don’t push Him aside to do all these things in His name. Jesus calls us to rest in Him and know. This idea of rest is even hard for me to put into words. Here’s the way I think of the feeling: you know when you sit in a really comfy, soft chair and it just kind of envelops you? You can really sink in, take a deep breath, and ultimately feel completely at rest. Think of that every time you come into His presence, or every time you start to worry about something. Jesus is that easy chair, and He wants us to sink into Him, let everything else go, be enveloped in His arms, take a deep breath, and just be. Stop going through your life checking things off. Go through intentionally, not frantically. Don't go through life feeling like you should be doing something else instead of simply sitting at Jesus’s feet and just being. Focus your mind and heart when you come into His presence, because there is where our relationship with Jesus really grows, and we allow Him to effect and change our lives. Come into reading the Bible as you come to the easy chair: open it, take a deep breath, and sink in. Really take your time. Let the words sink in, let their meaning wash over you. If you don’t really grasp the concept, don’t just keep going because you have five minutes to read 9 more verses. There is also something to be said for clearing your mind and just being before the Lord. I really picture myself sitting at His feet, if that helps you. Quit rushing through your life, and simply be still. Rest. Rest in His word, in His promises, in His glory. Come and rest here.