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Wait . . .

When Andy and Billy were young boys my mother would always send them Advent calendars.  The calendars had some spiritual thought for each day as well as a piece of candy.  You can probably guess why they enjoyed the calendars?  Yes, the candy.  Calendar or candy?  It isn't just a memory for me of our boys, it is the challenge I have to face every year at this time.  I want to be a calendar man living in a candy world.  Advent is about waiting and longing for the promise of God.  In Luke 2:25 we read about a man named Simeon who plays a part in narrative about Jesus being presented in the Temple.  He is described as one of a number of devout Jews who were waiting for the consolation of Israel.  The consolation of Israel was our Lord.  I think it is hard for many of us to see Advent as a time of waiting because we look back to a historical event that has already transpired.  Here is a suggestion:  Use the Advent season to be reminded that we are waiting for the second Advent of our Lord.  In Acts 1:11 the angels spoke to the disciples immediately following our Lord's ascension back to glory.  They told them, "This Jesus will come in just the same way as you have watched him go into heaven."  Loved ones, we are waiting, we are anticipating..........How are we using this time?  Are we just going after the candy of each day or are we recognizing that the calendar is counting down and focusing on the spiritual/biblical principles we need to focus on?  According to the scriptures godly waiting consists of the following:  Holiness, worship and prayer, meeting together, being a witness in our community, and looking for Christ's return.  Come Thou Long Expected Jesus is the cry of God's people today!  Our Lord has promised to return and we long for the day.  God help us to be people of the calendar and not the candy.  Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again! And so we wait.....

Dr. Hal Irvine, Senior Pastor