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Does everything have to be spiritual?

In the midst of all the emotion and words about the NFL and the national anthem I have heard many different expressions of a common lament, "Does everything have to be political?"  I had an unbelieving friend once ask me, "Does everything have to be spiritual?"  I wonder how you would answer that question?  For me the answer is "yes."  And for every believer the answer is yes. 

I don't think that every decision requires dropping to our knees and asking for divine guidance (and please don't think for one minute I'm negating the importance of prayer...), but every decision we make flows out of who we are.  II Cor. 5 tells us we are new creatures, I Cor. 2:16 says we have the mind of Christ...........if that is true then every decision I make is spiritual.  Discipleship helps us to make many decisions without thinking, and that is a good thing.  We've been trained in righteousness and so that training just simply kicks in and we don't need to seek God's wisdom because it has been driven in to our hearts and minds.  There are decisions which cause us to seek the will of our Heavenly Father. 

The mind of Christ in us causes us to come before Him in dependence.  Jesus demonstrated this during his earthly ministry and so it is super-natural for us to do the same.  So, "Does everything have to be spiritual?" Yes, not because it is an effort but because it is who we are as believers in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Hal Irvine, Senior Pastor