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Want to Have God's Good Hand on Your Life? Here's How

Want to Have God’s Good Hand on Your Life?—Here’s How


… because the good hand of his God was upon him. (Ezra 7:9)

 Ezra was experiencing God’s blessing in an incredible way.  He was blessed to be God’s man to lead God’s people back to their homeland.  He was blessed to receive all the money needed to finish rebuilding God’s house in Jerusalem and to restart the worship of God. He was also blessed with supernatural safety and protection on the hazardous five-month journey from Babylon to Jerusalem.

 We all long for an Ezra blessing, to have the good hand of God upon us.  We may not be leading God’s people, or responsible for God’s provision, or making long hazardous journeys like Ezra.  Yet each of us has some responsibility, some task, some challenge in our lives that needs God’s blessing.  It may be raising a family, caring for a parent or spouse, or balancing the budget.  These things and countless others cause us to yearn to have the good hand of God’s on us.

 The Bible tells us why God’s good hand was on Ezra.  Ezra 7:10 says that it was because Ezra set his heart on learning God’s word, living God’s word, and teaching others God’s word.  Like Ezra we can choose what we desire.  We are not at the fickleness or our impulses.  Instead we can deliberately direct our heart.  I like to call the heart our “wanter”.  It is the faculty in us that stirs up a want for something and motivates us to go get it.  In Ezra’s case, he set his “wanter” on desiring to know God’s word.

 Ezra also directed His “wanter” to living that word out.  It wasn’t enough to simply have a head full of laws, rules, regulations, dates, facts, and events.  It was of course necessary to know the facts about God’s word, but by itself it was not sufficient to receive God’s blessing.  Ezra had to also live it out.  He had to just do it.

 Last, Ezra also set His “wanter” on teaching to God’s people what he had learned, and the wisdom he had developed through the constant application of God’s word.  Ezra so loved God’s word and God’s people that he was moved to teach them about God.  Have you ever met someone in love?  They are so enamored with the object of their love that they can’t stop talking about them.  That was Ezra.  He so loved God and His people that whenever he had the chance he would talk to them about God.

 If you want to see the good hand of God on you then set your “wanter” to learn, live, and love God’s word.  Why not do it right now? If you need to, take a moment to confess your negligence of His word.  Then ask God to give you the desire for the very thing He blesses. Lastly, just do it. Learn, Live, Love.