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Our Refuge

A refuge is a place where we can be safe from danger and trouble.  Think of it as a safe-haven where you can find comfort and rest from the problems and challenges of life.  In his grace God provided six Cities of Refuge in Israel.  These were scattered throughout the land and were a haven where someone accused of manslaughter could flee.  There were six Cities of Refuge so that one was never too far away.  Once inside a City of Refuge the accused were protected from vengeance and could find a fair trial for their crime.

In Hebrews 6:18 believers are described as "we who have taken refuge".  Jesus is our refuge, our safe-haven offering comfort and rest.  The question we need to ask ourselves is whether we have taken refuge.  In the Old Testament the accused had to flee to the City of Refuge.  If they were outside it their lives were in danger from the one who could avenge the death of the person they had killed.  For example in 2 Samuel 3:27 we find Joab, the commander of David's Army, avenging the death of His brother at the gate of Hebron, a city of refuge.  It was not enough that the accused was at the gate.  There was no protection to be found standing in the entry way.  Instead safety is only to be found in the place of refuge.

Do you need a safe-haven today?  Are your burdens and responsibilities weighing you down and wearing you out?  Maybe you being crushed under the shame of a sin?  Today is the day to flee to Jesus where we can join those who have taken refuge.  He is nearby.  Don't stand at the periphery.  Go into Him.  Commit your entire mind, emotion, and will to Him.  Go into Him, cast all your anxiety on Him.  He will take and bear your burden because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). Then, this Sunday join the community of "we who have taken refuge" as we praise our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, our refuge.


Judy Wolfe on February 11, 2018 7:07pm

Hi, Pastor Dan,
Thank you for this much-needed encouragement.
I want to express my appreciation for the warm welcome you and your lovely wife gave me on my first Sunday, and then for the gift of time and concern that you and Pastor Hal offered when I stopped by the office.
I’m still in a state of indecision as I continue to seek God’s will regarding the next chapter of my life, and will appreciate your prayers that I will be obedient to His calling.

Anonymous on February 12, 2018 10:42am

Thanks so much for visiting Judy. We enjoyed your fellowship during your stay here in Estes Park. We will certainly pray that you discern the Lord's will through His providence, word, and Spirit produced wisdom that He supplies. Keep an eye on our website. Later this year Mountain View will be conducting a seminar called "Transitions". In this seminar we will be discussing the discions and commitments that should be through through when transitioning from the workforce and into the next phase of life.