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Not Earned But Free

Free is one of my favorite words.  If I see a sign advertising something is free I head right over to check it out.  If someone gives me something for free I usually take it, whether I need it or not.

When it comes to my spiritual life however, free is often to good to be true. According to the Bible we who have put our faith in Jesus have been freed from the Old Testament Mosaic law (Jn. 1:17, Acts 15:24-29, Rom. 6:14, 7:2-6, 2 For 3:6-13, Gal. 5:18). Yet the Bible also affirms that the law is "holy, and righteous, and good" (Rom. 7:12). In fact 9 of the 10 commandments in the Mosaic Law are repeated in the New Testament.

This apparent dilemma is solved when we realize that the law was a set of obligations demanding we be good in order to be accepted and blessed but now we are to do what God desires because we are accepted and blessed.

Our seventh riches in Him then is freedom from the crushing demands of a law demanding we be good by freeing us to live a God-pleasing life because we are good.

At Mountain View we are a community of those who have been made good.  We are freed from working hard to merit God's favor and have been freed to life a life pleasing to Him.  Let's resolve together to live out the goodness of Christ, whose resurrection life we all share.