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Facts Just Won't Go Away!

But when Herod heard of it, he kept saying, "John, whom I beheaded, has risen!"
Mark 6:16

A Sense of Dread Fills Those Who Do Not Build their Life on the Truth of God's Word

Jesus and His disciples were at work preaching and teaching that it was time for people to take God seriously because His kingdom was close to beginning.  They backed up their claims with exorcisms and healings.  Herod heard of what was going on and He was filled with dread. 

For a time Herod had John the Baptist locked up in jail.  Whenever John was brought before Herod John warned him of the coming kingdom of God.  Of course Herod was not interested in any new kingdom.  That would mean that there was a new king too, and Herod was not ready to give up his regal position.  Not only that, it would require Herod to confess his sin and make amends.  He was not ready to do that either.  So, when Herod hears of Jesus and the disciples preaching and teaching the same message as John, Herod was filled with dread.

Dread is great apprehension or fear.  When someone, like Herod, disregards God's word over and over, dread is the result.  God's word is of course true.  Sometimes the truth is hard to hear.  Truth might make us discard a long held belief.  The light of truth may shine brightly, exposing all the evil, mean, immoral, and uncharitable things we do.  

When we hear truth we can try to repress it, try to ignore it, or put off acting for a while.  But since truth is true it is impossible to avoid.  Someday, the day will come when truth will demolish all of our efforts to ignore and avoid it.  When that day comes the world we built on a lie will come to an end.

Herod sees that day fast approaching and he is full of dread.  How about you?  Have you heard the truth of God but are avoiding it?  Do you hear the nagging of the Spirit urging you to yield more fully to God's word? Do you feel the building dread that comes from knowing the truth but not responding?  Today, even now, is the time for you to embrace the truth.  Stop trying to avoid what you know to be true.  Instead, begin rebuilding your life on the solid foundation of God's truth.

Let us help you in the process.  Feel free to contact one of the pastors or elders here at Mountain View.  Surround yourself with the love and support of all of us as we help each other build our lives on truth.