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Seek God

From what I read and hear, these days are important for our nation. As I write this we are in the midst of the run off Senatorial election in Georgia. Many people, on both sides of the aisle believe that this election is significant in determining the direction of our country’s well-being.


Then, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the vote of the US Senate to decide if it will confirm the vote of the electoral college for our president. Again, many consider this future setting for our country.

That all makes sense to me. My guess is, people on both sides have deep concerns. Many people seem to feel that their future well-being in this country is at risk. In other words, people may have a sense of anxiety regarding these next few days and what may follow. All of the above is exclusive of the conflicting dynamics of the Coronovirus. I do feel that there is importance in exercising our freedom of decision making as the voters in this country. Nevertheless, who we are as the children of God and our well-being is definitely not to be determined by the political direction of our country. Otherwise, how could our brethren in oppressive countries have any sense of well-being. They can and they do, though, regardless of their country’s politics.


In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus was teaching the multitudes about having the peace of God in this midst of this world. In verses 19-21 Jesus teaches that treasure in Heaven is of far more value than treasure on Earth. As He continues, in verses 25, 27, 28, 31, and 34 Jesus tells the crowd to be not anxious. It does not gain you more food, more height, more drink, more clothing or help you handle and prepare for tomorrow. Be not anxious, He tells them. Period.


What is the alternative in the midst of this world and in these days?  What Jesus tells the people is that God’s Kingdom and His righteousness are to be our source of Spiritual and emotional sustenance. God will handle the physical sustenance. Brethren, I believe that it is fair to say that we are currently living in days of political uncertainty and perhaps cultural uncertainty. Let us fight. Not for political stability, although I encourage us all to remain steadfast in prayer for that aspect of our country. Let us fight for the righteousness of God.


We are living in this world. Indeed, God is the One Who has kept us here. But, may our focused attention be on God’s righteous kingdom. What are we to seek first? Who of you does not know?

Matthew 6:33: Seek first God’s Kingdom; Seek first God’s righteousness. This was the truth which Jesus was teaching the crowd that day on the mountain. My brethren, this is truth today for us as well. Again. God’s Kingdom. God’s Righteousness. This mindset is to characterize and be demonstrated through our lives. The anxious world needs this from us. The manifestation of the peace of God and the evaporation of the anxiety of the world. Together forever.

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