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Jesus' Authority

As we continue in our study of the Life of Christ, we are going to look at how Jesus evidence that He is the Messiah as He shows that He has the authority to preach and to heal. 

If we harmonize Matthew 4:14, Mark 1:14,15, Luke 4:14,15, we see Jesus preaches the following: Repent and believe in the gospel for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  The Gospel that Jesus was presenting was not His death, burial and resurrection as Paul explained it in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.  At this early stage in Jesus’ public ministry, the gospel was that the Messiah was here and Jesus was He; repent and believe what John the Baptist preached; believe that I am the promised Messiah. 

Following along in the chronology of Jesus’ ministry in the four gospels, we next come to Jesus’ return to Cana in John 4:46-54. After Jesus met with Nicodemus in Jerusalem, He passed through Sychar in Samaria on His way up north. There He met with the woman at the well.  From there, He continued to Cana in Galilee, where He encountered a Roman official whose son was at the point of death.  Through this interaction we see that this Roman man had faith in Jesus’ ability to heal His son.  This man heard that Jesus was there, he went to meet Jesus and He asked Jesus to heal his son.  Jesus’ response in verse 48 is challenging this man’s faith.  Do you need a sign or wonder to believe that I am the Messiah?  The man clearly did have faith in that he responded in verse 49 by asking Jesus to come to his son and heal him.  Jesus healed the son from a distance.  He told the man to go away, his son lives.  The man believed.  We can see that the man believed in that he did not go straight back home.  In those days, he was unable to send a text message to his son to learn if he had been healed. He simply had to trust.

 Please note, that Jesus healed the little boy without ever going to him.  Jesus heals in various ways in various circumstances. It is best to not necessarily develop a doctrine based on how Jesus/God worked at a particular time.  He may work differently at another time.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today, yes and forever.  Absolutely.  He just may not always work the same. 

Back to the story of the healing of the little boy.  The next day some of the man’s slaves came to him and assured the man that his son was alive and well.  The man was able to discern that the son was healed at the very hour that Jesus had told the man that his son was healed. 

It is like the story which Jim Docter told at our December 16th Christmas themed evening service.  At the very moment that we, Mountain View Bible Fellowship (First Baptist Church then), prayed for Earl McCrea to be healed from the disease which was taking this little boy’s life, Earl sat up in bed, asked for a muffin and was completely healed.  At that moment.  God healed the little boy in John chapter 4 in the moment Jesus said he was healed. God healed the little boy at First Baptist Church about 30 years ago, in the moment we prayed for that to occur. Our gracious God. 

What Jesus was showing to the people around Him is that He had the authority to heal. He is the Messiah.  He presented Himself in Jerusalem. He garnered lots of attention there by tossing over the merchant tables.  He instructed Nicodemus about eternal life. He taught the Samaritan woman about eternal life. He preached the Gospel telling the multitudes that He was there. He began to heal people.  The Messiah has the authority to preach, heal, save, defeat the devil and so much more.  

We will continue in our study of the Life of Christ and see the path Jesus walks as He gives Israel the opportunity to accept Him as the promised Messiah.

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