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The Love Of A Father

In our reading this week, we read about Absalom’s coup. He starts by standing at the gate and turning aside the people going in to tell David their woes. He told them no one was going to be around to hear them, but he could help. He gained a following this way. Then he left to stage the coup and waged war against his father David. Absalom was the epitome of the worst child. He wanted to be king and tried to kill his father to do so. He is selfish, greedy, a thief, and a liar. Absalom has been trying to rip away his father’s livelihood and already embarrassed him by sleeping with David’s concubines. And yet, when David defeats Absalom, David doesn’t order his death but ordered his generals, loud enough so everyone could hear, to spare Absalom for his sake. At the end of 2 Samuel 18, David hears of Absalom’s death and mourns. He cries out his name several times, and then cries, “if only I had died in your place!” (2 Samuel 18:33, NKJV). Why? Because Absalom is his son, and no matter what he has done, David loves him.

            Does this remind you of our Heavenly Abba? We are selfish, greedy, thieves, and liars. We blaspheme and sin, all abhorrent to our Lord. And yet, He does not call for our death, nor banish us. Instead, He forgives us and calls us back. He continues to love through our bad behavior. Unlike David, however, Jesus did die in our place. What great love! We see David, whose son was not a great person, wishing he could take his son’s place in death! A son who was nothing but mean to him. God not only loved us in our sin, but wished to save us out of it. And He did! Jesus came down, lived a perfect life, showed us how to live under Him, died on the cross and rose form the grave that we might live! God loved us, His sinful children, who did not deserve such amazing, forgiving treatment, that He took our place in death, just as David wished he could have done for his wayward son, Absalom.

            Friends, God is an almighty, powerful, holy God who demands our dedicated worship. But we are sinners. We stray continually from the path God wants us to be on. But that does not stop His love! It doesn’t even curb His love! He knows who we are, what we have done, what we will do, and His love. Never. Changes. It never changes. He loved us so much to give us rules, to guide us, and to send His only Son that we may be with Him in eternity. His love was the same in the Old Testament, was the same when Jesus lived, was the same after He lived, and is the same today. God is our Abba Father, our Daddy. He loves us intimately, knowing our faults and loving us deeply and continually regardless. Surrender to Him today, for He truly knows you and loves you anyway.