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Living Life in 4-D

Everyone has heard of 3-D……………… In drafting you learn how to draw three dimensional cubes and shapes.  In mathematics you learn to multiply length times width times height to ascertain volume.  In movies you look through goofy glasses to enhance your experience and gain better clarity.  What about 4-D?

I’ve done a bit of research and there are some mathematicians who believe there is proof of existence of 4-D and there are others who say it is a myth.  Whether there is a 4-D reality in this life or not I would like to challenge you to contemplate what I am calling 4-D in my spiritual life.

In our 2020 Vision reading plan we’ve been working through Genesis these past days.  One of the things that the Lord brought to my attention in a very fresh way was Abraham’s commitment to building altars.  For some reason the presence of altars jumped off the pages as I read.  In Gen. 12:7 Abraham builds an altar.  In Gen. 12:8 Abraham builds another altar.  In Gen. 13:18 he builds another altar and in Gen. 22:9 he builds the altar on which he binds Isaac his son.  Lots of theologians have described Abraham’s motivations in building the altars and others have used them as descriptive markers of Abraham’s state of relationship with God.

Altars are a place of worship, surrender, sacrifice, and commitment.  As I read about Abraham’s altars the word “devotion” became very real to me.  I would challenge you to live 4-D with me this year.  4-D in my life stands for four areas of devotion:  God’s word, prayer, regular corporate worship, and service.  As we give ourselves to these four altars God will be glorified in us and through us.  This type of thinking is consistent with Paul’s admonition to us in Rom. 12:1 and 2, where God’s word, given through Paul, calls us to present ourselves as living sacrifices.  As we do we will be conformed to the image of God’s glory and not the image of the world.  Further, we will have our minds renewed each day and therefore be given to living out God’s will.

Make 2020 a year of living in 4-D……………………..for the glory of God, the continued sanctifying of our lives, and the evangelization and transformation of those around us.